About us

Tom Paterson, The Author

Born in Mackay, Queensland, Tom is the third youngest of six children. As a kid he enjoyed many road trips south to Brisbane to visit his grandparents. The 10-hour road trip provided his Mum with ample opportunities to play her cassettes. Elvis, the Supremes, the Ronnettes and many more artists were enjoyed by the whole family (but mostly by his Mum). This, no doubt, sparked Tom's love for, and interest in, music. His uncle, 20 years his senior, nurtured his musical curiosity by introducing him to a new album each Christmas - Creedence Clear Water Revival, Pink Floyd, Nirvana… only the good stuff!

As an adult, Tom moved to Brisbane, studied Civil Engineering and now works 12-hour days building roads and bridges in the very regimented civil construction industry. As most of his days are spent smothered by rules and processes, Tom needed a creative outlet and drew inspiration from the music he enjoys to write The Barber at the Harbour. 

When not at work, Tom loves to spend time at home with his wife and daughter (who he hopes to one day start a band with).
Amy Duncan

Amy Duncan, The Illustrator

Born in Mackay, Queensland, Amy has always had a keen love of colour and art.

After school, she moved to Brisbane to study design and graduated from Queensland College of Art (Griffith University) with a Bachelor of Design in 2003. After a few years of travel and 12-years in the corporate design world, she decided to start The Ink Refinery and mould her career into a life of doing what she loves - creating designs with her brushes and nibs. 

In 2015, her sister's husband, Tom, came to her with a story he had written for their nephew, Gus. He asked whether she'd be interested in doing some illustrations for The Barber at the Harbour and the rest is history.

She currently lives and works in a colourful Queenslander with her partner, Brad, and their German Short Haired Pointer, Otto.

 The Tale of Sandy Goose

In 1941, in Mackay, Queensland, Amy's great grandfather purchased two geese in preparation for a dinner party. The party was a farewell celebration for his eldest son, Sydney, who was off to fight in the Second World War. One of the geese made for a tasty main meal, but it was decided the other would be kept as a pet and he soon became affectionately known as Sandy. 

Sandy was treated as one of the family and when Amy's great grandfather passed away, the much-loved goose was handed down to Sydney, who had returned from the war and married a beautiful blonde named Fay. Before long, Syd and Fay had two sons (one of which is Amy's father), they too adored Sandy and loved him like a brother.

When Sandy was fifteen years old he laid an egg, and so it became obvious that Sandy was actually a goose, not a gander. Sandy lived til the ripe old age of 26-years-old and became somewhat of a celebrity around town, even appearing in the local rag, The Daily Mercury. 

Tom and Amy loved the story of Sandy the goose so much that when it came time to think of a name for their publishing company, she was their obvious choice for a muse. And that is the story behind Sandy Goose Pty Ltd.

The Daily Mercury Sandy Goose Article

Sandy Goose Daily Mercury clipping