The Story

My sister-in-law, Amy, and I share a four-year-old nephew, Angus. ‘Gus’ loves Starwars, swimming and lollipops, but he absolutely dreads haircuts…or at least he used to!

Whenever it was time for his Mum and Dad to take him to the barber, Gus would meltdown; the poor little fella would be so scared that even lollipop-bribes didn't help. 

Around Christmas time in 2015, Gus and I were headed to Stradbroke Island on a camping trip. Packed tightly between camping supplies and backpacks, we decided to play a game to pass the time in the car. I made up a story about a barber who owned a cow that gave little boys’ ‘cowlicks’. The idea amused Gus a lot, so I decided to write him a poem about the barber and the cow in the hope that it would help him feel more comfortable at his next haircut. That story evolved into The Barber at the Harbour.

We're thankful to Gus and his irrational fear of getting his haircut (which we're happy to report is now history) for inspiring us to create this book. Both Amy and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed making it.